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"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved." - The Founders -

Welcome to The Conclave, an international multi gaming community, which was founded on the 7th of July 2002.

The aim of The Conclave is to a create a pleasant environment which allows for all sorts of activities to take place. It supports both the casual as well as the competitive participation in a wide variety of games, organized in game Guilds.

We hope you will enjoy your stay. Feel free to have a look around and check out the Help & FAQ section if you have any basic questions about the community.

- The Directors -

21.01.2014 Teamspeak Move
Attention all, our teamspeak server moves location on the 22nd of Jan. Please read the main comms post in case of any issues

28.11.2013 [WoW]Team Blood
Congrats to Team Blood on downing their 1st Hard Mode Bosses this tier.

26.11.2013 [WoW]Naked Orc Marathon Race
Latest race currently registering sign ups - biggest prize pool yet!

14.10.2013 [WOW] Update
Garrosh is down.......roll on heroics :)

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Latest News Topics

[GW2] The Battle for Lion's Arch by Cathy at Tuesday 04.03.2014
Today the next istallment of the living story hits. The battle in Lion's Arch rages on and now it is time for us to really fight back and hopefully put an end to this madness.

This week's update can be discussed here

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[GW2] The Edge of the Mists by Cathy at Tuesday 04.02.2014

The Edge of the Mists is coming with today's update. With this we get a new WvW queueing map, an improved queue system and not to forget the next part of the living story.
You can find our discussion thread here

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[GW] Origins of Madness by Cathy at Tuesday 21.01.2014

Today the Origins of Madness update goes live. This is not only the first update for a month it is also the update ArenaNet released the least info about for a while.
We have a forum post where this update can be discussed.

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[Events] Happy New Year by Chief at Sunday 05.01.2014

The Conclave would like to wish all its Members, Initiates and Visitors a Happy New Year. Hopefully everyone will remain in good health and have plenty of great games to play!

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[Events] Merry christmas everybody! by Chief at Wednesday 25.12.2013

The Conclave would like to wish all its Members, Initiates and Visitors a merry X-mas.

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