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"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved." - The Founders -

Welcome to The Conclave, an international multi gaming community, which was founded on the 7th of July 2002.

The aim of The Conclave is to a create a pleasant environment which allows for all sorts of activities to take place. It supports both the casual as well as the competitive participation in a wide variety of games, organized in game Guilds.

We hope you will enjoy your stay. Feel free to have a look around and check out the Help & FAQ section if you have any basic questions about the community.

- The Directors -

03.06.2014 BF4 UPDATE
new update has been released all details can be found on the desert foxes page

03.06.2014 [GW2] Living World
We are rid of Scarlet but what danger will oppose our world of Tyria next. Season 2 of the Living World kicks off July 1st so be prepared!

30.04.2014 [BF4] New patch
A new patch for BF4 has been released. Details can be found on the Desert Foxes board.

21.01.2014 Teamspeak Move
Attention all, our teamspeak server moves location on the 22nd of Jan. Please read the main comms post in case of any issues

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Latest News Topics

Battlefield 5 might take place in WW1. by Chief at Monday 29.02.2016
According to an unconfirmed source BF5 might take place in WW1.
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Conclave Starmade Server by BlueWarlord at Friday 27.11.2015
We now have a Conclave Starmade Server online, see here for more information!
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World of Warships open beta started. by BlueWarlord at Monday 20.07.2015

The free open beta of the world of warships game has been started. This game has been created by the same studio as world of tanks, but instead of tanks involves .... ships! This makes for a bit slower, but more tactical game, which a group of people in the community are actively playing.
More information about the game and the people playing it can be found here.

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[BF4] Night maps news by Chief at Monday 09.03.2015
Some nice info has popped up a little while ago with regards to DICE's efforts to give the BF4 community night versions of some of the more popular maps, like Zavod311 and Siege of Shanghai.


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[Game news] Blizzard's latest game revealed by Chief at Sunday 09.11.2014

Blizzard has revealed its latest game at the recent BlizCon 2014, which turned out to be a FPS game called 'Overwatch'. What do you think of this game? Go here to discuss it on the [CC] forum.

A trailer, a gameplay video and a link to the mainw ebsite (where you can sign up for the Beta) can be found below. Credits go to Cespar for first posting this info.

Teaser trailer
Gameplay video
Main website+Beta signup

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